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There are 6568 works of art in this category

"Bridal Shower in a Merchant's House"

"The Embassy in Abyssinia"

Polyakov, Vladimir. 1880-1884


Meer, Barend van der. 1659-between 1690 and 1702


Cezanne, Paul. 1839-1906

Portrait of Osip F. (Joseph) Dolon (1774-1821)

George Dawe and his workshop

Rhine Landscape

German painter. 18th century; Schuz, Christian Georg, I (?). 1718-1791

Bacchus and Ariadne

Marchesini, Alessandro. 1664-1738

Portrait of a Young Man

Prague the artist (?), late 16th century

Portrait of General, Prince A.I. Repnin

Portrait of Mrs Harrit Greer

Romney, George. 1734-1802

Achilles at the Court of Lycomedes

Paolo de Matteis. 1662-1728

Scene from the Childhood of Moses

Loth, Johann Carl. 1632-1698

Landscape with a Woman Carrying a Child

Zuccarelli, Francesco. 1702-1788

"Portrait of the Military Cartographer F.F.Schubert"

Garland of Fruit and Vegetables

Utrecht, Adriaen van. 1599-1652

Portrait of a Young Lady

Guérin, Charles. 1875-1939


There are 3819 works of art in this category

Woman Carrying a Vessel on Her Head

Parmigianino (Francesco Mazzola). 1503-1540

European Sibyl

Vignon, Claude. 1593-1670

Portrait of Prince Eugen of Wurttemberg

Saint-Aubin, Louis de. Active-first quarter of the 19th century

The Sheet from the Series: Compositions with Signs

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Boat on the Shore. Moonrise

Friedrich, Caspar David. 1774-1840

The Sheet from the Series: Compositions with Signs

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Rape of the Sabine Women

Novelli, Pietro Antonio. 1729-1804

Gotha. Brühl Street

Mount Taburino near Montesarchio

Hackert, Jacob Philipp. 1737-1807

Rue du Bac

Park Composition with a Marquee

Gonzaga, Pietro di Gottardo. 1751-1831

Church of the Transfiguration of Christ on Kotlovskaya Embankment

Benois, Albert. 1852-1936

Theatre. The Facade. Variant 3

Thomas de Thomon, Jean-François. 1760-1813

Third Floor Plan of the New Building for Imperial Court Servants

Landscape with a Footbridge

Allegory of Piety

Boitard, François. 1670-1715


There are 213 works of art in this category

Portrait of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan

Indian Prince with a Musician and a Servant

Portrait of Nakib Khan

Miniature: Portrait of Princess N.P. Kurakina

Ritt, Augustin. 1765-1799

Youth Standing by a Tree

Dervish Holding a Book



Mostaert, Gillis. 1534-1598

Miniature: Portrait of Countess D.P. Saltykova

Ritt, Augustin-Christian. 1765-1799

Prayer of Sheikh

Miniature: Portrait of Tatyana Yusupova

Ritt, Augustin-Christian. 1765-1799

Beautiful Woman with a Falcon

Unknown Lady in Turkish Dress (Presumed of Laura Tarsi)

Liotard, Jean-Etienne. 1702-1789

Fighting Elephants

Portrait of Prince Alexander Ivanovich Chernyshev

Lieder, Friedrich-Johann-Gottlieb. 1780-1859

Miniature: Portrait of Empress Maria Alexandrovna

Rockstuhl, Alois Gustav. 1798-1877

Youth with a Gun


There are 5300 works of art in this category

Church in Honor of Tsarina Alexandra

Borel, Pyotr. 1829-1898

Portrait of Emperor Nicholas I

Afanasyev, Konstantin. 1793-1857

Portrait of I.P. Elagin

Portrait of Peter the Great

Bobrov, Viktor. 1842-1918

Ballet: Naiad and Fishermen

Borel, Pyotr. 1829-1898

The Death of Lucretia

Neumarktplatz, Dresden

Bellotto, Bernardo. 1721-1780

Portrait of Alexander Glazunov

Serov, Valentin. 1865-1911

Portrait of Zygmunt III Waza

Base, Capital And Entablature Of The Pilaster


"Monsieur, je méprise le charlatanisme de l’affiche, je méprise les Pufs de l’annonc?"...

The Death of Virginia

Saint Joseph Seeks Lodging in Bethlehem

"Eh bonjour, chèr ange, toujours jolie! "

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

"S'Administrant la discipline"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879